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Game Rules & Help

Player ID Login

For the best game experience, you should log into Game Center or Google Play. This lets you access Leaderboards, Achievements and Challenges.

Player IDs:  Your score and progress through the game is linked to your Player ID. There can be multiple Players ID’s on a device. You can play as yourself on a shared device if you log into your own player account. 

Modes of Play

There are two modes of play in Stenciletto. Each has a Leaderboard. 

Mortal (Free/Default):  This mode is harder.  You have less time to solve puzzles and a limited number of lives to play with.

Immortal (In-App Purchase):  The easier mode. You get more time to solve the puzzles, and your Life Bank is always full.

If you have purchased ‘immortality’ you can swap your play between Mortal and Immortal modes whenever you want, using the Settings dialog. This is found in the Action Menu or from the home screen button. 

Performance Metrics 

Your score is based on your speed and accuracy. Both are measured as you complete the puzzle. You’ll get a better score if you’re fast and don’t make too many mistakes.

Speed:  You must solve the puzzle before the timer runs out. 

Accuracy:  You can keep trying to solve a puzzle as long as you have lives in play. After each wrong tap your accuracy bonus reduces. 

Game Information Panel 

This is below the stencil set. It records your performance as you solve puzzles.

Time Allowed:  This is the time allowed to enter your solution. The timer only starts when you tap the first stencil. So take your time to think and plan. The harder the puzzle, the longer you get to solve it.

Score:  This shows how many points you can win. You’ll always get a basic score for completing a puzzle. You’ll get extra points for solving it quickly and accurately.

Lives in Play:  You can have 10 lives in play. You can only win more lives when you have less than 10 lives in play. 

Winning Lives

To win a life you must solve the puzzle on your first attempt, and while the timer is still within the ‘Bonus + Win Life’  section of the time gauge. This part of the gauge only appears the first time a puzzle loads. 

Help Features

There are two help features in Stenciletto to ensure you never get completely stuck.

Helping Hand:  This shows you the next part of the solution or the first incorrect part of your solution. It costs you two lives (one on Training Level).

View Solution:  This shows you the correct solution –  all you have to do is remember it. It costs you three lives (two on Training Level).

You can only use these help features if you have sufficient lives in ‘Lives in Play’. 

Game Over

When you run out of lives, it’s Game Over. 

Sleep:  Select the Sleep button to take some time out. New lives will regenerate – see table below for regeneration rates. 

Life Bank:  Select the Life Bank button to add more lives. The first time you visit your Life Bank you’ll find 10 more lives ready to use. Transfer these to your ‘Lives in Play’ bank to continue playing the game. 

Life Regeneration Rates

If you want to take a break, new lives will regenerate after a period of time. If you have allowed notifications, you’ll be notified when your new lives have been added.

Parental Lock

Parental Lock can be found in the Settings dialog.

Parental Lock:  When this is enabled, access to In-App Purchases, Life Bank, Settings and the Internet is limited by a parental lock dialog.

Sharing Lock:  This is available when the parental lock is enabled. It limits access to sharing dialogs.

Game Center / Leaderboard Lock:  This is available when the parental lock is enabled. It limits access to Leaderboards, Achievements and Challenges.

In-App Purchases

There are two types of In-App Purchases.

Life Purchases:  These are only available if you are playing as a mortal. They top up the lives in your Life Bank up to a maximum of 30 lives. These consumables are purchased by the main device account. They belong to the Player ID in use at the time of purchase and are not transferrable to other Player IDs or other devices.

Immortality Purchase:  This is only purchased once by the main device account and can be used on all the devices belonging to that account. Any Player ID on a device with an immortality purchase can gain immortality.


Stenciletto is now available as a Beta for iOS and Android devices. 

Join the Stenciletto Beta here…

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