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Privacy Policy

Your Privacy

Stenciletto does not access, track or save any personal information which can be used to identify individuals or their devices. We do not share any Stenciletto data with third-parties.

Crash Data:  In the unlikely event of Stenciletto crashing, we capture information which allows us to understand what happened so we can fix the issue.

We only record the following:

  • The type of device
  • The operating system version
  • The time of the crash
  • The type of the crash
  • The internal application call stack

Analytics:  To make sure that Stenciletto is working well for our users we record some very high level, anonymized, aggregated data. We use this data to help understand how the app is working and how our users are progressing. This data is only retained for 90 days.


Stenciletto is now available as a Beta for iOS and Android devices.

Join the Stenciletto Beta here…

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