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Little Stencil Game

Stenciletto is a little puzzle game using geometric stencils. Simply copy the pattern before the time runs out. Beat the clock to win lives. It’s easy, logical, and fun for all ages!

The aim of the game is to copy the pattern shown in the top left corner. Tap or flick a stencil to move it to the right corner. Add or remove stencils until you match the pattern. Beat the timer to win extra lives.


  • Over 300 visual puzzles to solve
  • Leaderboards, Achievements and Challenges
  • How To Play video and Training Level to learn the game quickly
  • Help features to ensure you never get stuck
  • Performance metrics measure your speed and accuracy
  • Parental lock 
  • Superb quality vector graphics 
  • Original music and sounds

Here’s how the game works…

Stenciletto is now available as a Beta for iOS and Android devices. 

Join the Stenciletto Beta here…