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About The Game

Stenciletto is a fun cognitive challenge to exercise your brain!

  • Who am I? – A brand new guessing game with a difference!
  • Solve 15 geometric puzzles to discover each new smiley character
  • Copy the patterns quickly and accurately before the timer expires
  • Analyze your performance – can you improve your speed and accuracy?
  • Earn inspirational smileys for each game completed
  • Play at your own level and pace – choose relaxing puzzles or challenge your brain to a hard cognitive workout!
  • Totally unique gameplay, with beautifully designed vector graphics and original soundtracks


Stenciletto is a very simple little game. All you have to do is tap geometric stencils in the correct order to match the pattern shown. 

The game is ad free. There are ten free games to get started and another 22 to purchase.

The games are designed to give your brain a fun and motivating workout. As each puzzle is solved, you are informed of your performance metrics (speed and accuracy). As the puzzles get harder, you need to maintain your speed and accuracy to stay in the game. 

The puzzle-solving utilizes your high-level cognitive skills, such as logical reasoning, analytical perception, hypothesizing, planning, and developing problem-solving strategies. These critical thinking skills will improve and develop as you play the game.

Your progress through Stenciletto is rewarded with jolly smiley characters. Most of them are easily identifiable from the clues given and are based on inspirational people from mythology, history, film, sport, culture etc. 

Stenciletto is totally unique – something completely different for your games collection!


History of the game

The stencil game was first developed by  Dr. Mary Grace Arthur (1883 – 1967), a pioneering psychologist who exposed racism within many commonly used IQ tests. Her work with disabled and Native American children led to new ways of assessing intelligence.